If you are:

  • A creative small business owner who's fucking tired of wasting money on planner after course after program and still going in unproductive circles.

  • Over trying to shoehorn your frazzled ass into other people's ideas of productivity and feeling like you're still not enough.

  • Dreaming of a life beyond the "daily grind" (wtf are people even grinding all day?...) and ready to be the proactive, productive and creatively-fulfilled bawse you know you can be.

guess what:


It really is possible to go from feeling over-busy and overwhelmed to feeling accomplished and successful - without losing your youness.

Being productive is all about clearing the clutter so that you can be a badass business owner instead of just being BUSY AF.

I can help you learn how to prioritize, follow through and embrace your multipassionate creativity so that it works for you and not the other way around.