What Are You Even Doing?

Productivity can be a total dick.

You gather all your workstuffs, strap into your werk-boots and anticipate the flow that's about to hit.


And then that flow is a no-show.

That super magic combo of efficiency and achievement is super elusive somehow. But we all chase it. We chase it like rabid, type-A loony toons.

How come we never fucking catch it, though?

There are so many productivity methods out there. We've all tried them. Every five minutes it feels like theres a new study that comes out about how the human brain works, shouting about the next revolution in productivity.

But we still feel like we're flailing.

And here's why: It's cuz you can't do the work until you've done the work.

I went through a phase of researching productivity methods. I took classes on how to use them. I tried flipping my schedule upside-down. I tried only working "when the inspiration struck." I tried forcing my way through a shit-ton of stuff all at once.

Nothing worked.

I still came to the end of my days feeling like I got absolutely nothing done.

It was because I hadn't done my pre-work work. I had no priorities, no goals, no ways to quantify my achievements even if I did make progress - I wasn't working with anything.

All that was happening was me trying productivity method after productivity method without knowing what I was actually fucking producing.

Doing the work of prioritizing my projects and quantifying my goals was key - SO KEY - in getting my shit done.

The second I started breaking things down for myself, there was a night-and-day difference in my productivity. It was like a light turned on. The flow hit.

And I realized that this doesn't just apply to creative projects. You can use this for anything.

I tried using it for things like the dishes.

Instead of cleaning whatever dish I picked up first, I tackled just the silverware first. Then just mugs and glasses. Then just small plates, and on and on.

Here's what happened: not only did my sense of "getting something done" go through the roof, I was actually faster and more effective.

Why the ef would that happen? It's not like I was doing less dishes or something. But I had a clear idea of what I was doing. I had prioritized  my project in a way that let me move on to each step easily and without having to overthink it.

And that, my fine friends, is the beauty of prioritization.

If you're looking for a way to work on prioritizing your own goals, I'm cooking up something pretty great for you. You'll hear all about it in the next few days. It helped take my creative effectiveness to the next level and I think it will help you too. Sign up for my mailing list below to be first to get the news.

Until then, tell me: how do you get productive?