The One-Thing Trap & How To Get Out


Creatives are multiplicitous and varied. So, you're not the only one, but there's no one like you.

That being said, it's almost inevitable that you'll be categorized based on what other people understand "creative" to mean. 

That doesn't mean that it's not kind of a drag every time it happens. 

People are weirdly complex and simultaneously super fucking simple. We understand things based on what we've learned, and we learn things based on patterns we've observed.

Unfortunately, people get really hung up on these patterns. After all, this is what helps them make sense of the world. But, when they see something that doesn't quite fit, it becomes a very round-hole-square-peg situation.

And you get weirdly categorized again.

Even when we're looking for inspiration, we usually end up looking to creatives who happen to be well-known for one thing. They might be total Multidoers, but all we end up seeing is that one shiny thing.

And so the categorization message goes on repeat.

Which is maybe why it's so easy for multipassionate creatives to fall into that One-Thing Trap. We're getting pressure to fit neatly into a box, and we're getting it from all sides.

You'll probably find that it's a lot easier to explain yourself to people when you can hop into that little box and just hand over a nice, neat package.

You will also find that you walk away from those interactions feeling fucking weird.

You might feel bad even.

Cuz know why?

Because there's not enough room for you in that tiny box, and it's effing uncomfortable.

Get the fuck out of there.

Every time you shove yourself into that box, you are basically signaling to yourself (and those around you) that what you're capable of has no real value. You are, in essence, apologizing for being yourself.

And you're hurting yourself in the worst way.

How do I know this? Because I did it to myself for several years, and they were some of the most painful of my life. I shoved myself into that box good and hard, and here's what happened:

  • I was the worst version of myself in the entire history of myself.

  • I felt constantly empty and lost except for those fleeting moments when I was able to put my whole heart into that One Thing. These moments were inevitably followed by more emptiness.

  • I made a bunch of "friends" that didn't really know or respect me.

  • The real friends that I DID have watched me go through the volatile ups and downs of a depression that was directly linked to me not knowing or respecting myself.

  • TO. THIS. DAY. I have a mental and emotional block in exploring this particular One Thing further thanks to the suckage I have inadvertently associated with it. I'm working on this.

  • And more! 😀 ...

How COULD I have respected myself? I wasn't even letting me BE myself. This One Thing is now, has always been, and will always be a huge part of me.

But it is not all of me.

And there is no rule, anywhere, in any dimension that says that it has to be.

So how do you avoid the One-Thing Trap? How do you get out of it once you're in?

The thing that helped me was going back. And I mean all the way back.

I don't mean that you should try to recreate past situations. I do not mean that you were better off at one or another time in your life. We can't repeat the past. It's gone and there's no point in trying to repeat it anyway.

I mean go back to who you are. What were you like as a kid? As a tiny little potater tot. Before math got weird and you knew what organic produce was.

I used to do a bunch of things and I did them all on purpose. I used to take on challenges because I wanted to learn something. I didn't worry about boxes or how to fit into them so that other people could "get me". 

I just accepted myself as myself and went with it.

You probably did too.

There's a reason childhood is associated with simpler things and less worries. It's because we were just being us in those moments that something was sparked in us--a new interest, a new idea a new adventure

And we never felt the need to apologize for ANY of it.

Because, really: there is no apology necessary here.

You are you and you can do all this amazing stuff. And that never needs to be stifled.

If anything, you should be spreading it. Help other people learn and explore too. Self-acceptance is awesome and inspiring--and it's the key to unlocking every single one of those kick-ass ideas you have.

Now go. Create. Make. Explore.

And don't apologize for a one fucking second of it.

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