get your shit together

and keep it that way.


You're a multipassionate creative who's fucking tired of wasting money on new planners and still going in unproductive circles.

You're over trying to shoehorn your frazzled ass into other people's ideas of productivity and feeling like you're still not enough.

You want a life beyond the "daily grind" (WTF are people even grinding all day?...) and you're ready to be proactive, productive and creatively fullfilled.

Does that sound like you?

Welcome home.


I can help you figure out what productivity looks like for YOU.

I'll help you learn how to prioritize, follow through and embrace your multipassionate creativity so that it works for you and not the other way around.  

At Multidoer, you can expect to see...

stuff about being a productive multipassionate creative and living a creatively fulfilled life, or stuff about totally fucking that up and what I learned from it.

Sound good? GREAT. Let's get to it!

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